Classic Grilled Cheese

Classic Grilled Cheese
Bread – your choice, but avoid frou-frou breads
American Slices
Soft Butter
Spicy Brown Mustard (if you’re making it for me)
Non-stick pan or Cast Iron Griddle if you’re going old school

Lay out your bread, top with cheese, top with another piece of bread, then spread top with butter.  Once the pan has been preheated to med-high, carefully put your sandwiches in the pan butter side down.

Butter the tops of the sandwiches and wait for the bottoms to turn golden brown before flipping them over.  Flip them carefully so the top slice of bread doesn’t come off, thereby allowing the cheese to slide out onto the grill, thereby making you swear like a sailor as you instinctively grab the cheese with your fingers and try to piece it all together without alerting the child(ren) to potential variances in their long-awaited most favorite lunch ever.

Serve grilled cheese as is or with the standard accompaniment of a steaming bowl of tomato soup.


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