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For the Love of Quinoa!

My son has a multitude of phrases that he will use rather than curse. I appreciate this, really, because at times I have the mouth of a truck driver and our relationship is such that I can say, “I know … Continue reading

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Field to Feast: Sunday Morning Homefries with Poblanos and Bacon… plus, A Toast

Fletch and I took a ride around the farm several weeks ago.  Not only was it a fabulous photo day, it was also a day of memories, and memories are made for sharing. What’s the point of keeping them all … Continue reading

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What to do with Bespeckled Bananas

Obviously, make banana bread. But not some oily, bland, burnt banana bread… you want one that tastes just like Aunt Pam’s! And Aunt Pam would be whom, you ask? Well, she would be my mom’s sister, and she is also … Continue reading

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Eggs Benedict Three Ways: KC’s Hat Trick

WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations go to ‘winning mama’ DANIELLE! I’ll be contacting you via email, so please respond with your mailing address so I can ship your package right away. Thanks so much to all who participated in my Tiny Kitchen … Continue reading

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Back to Basics: Eggs Goldenrod (Learn how to make a white sauce!)

Don’t forget to enter for a chance  to win The FarmGirl’s favorite Tiny Kitchen Essentials. Click photo on the right for details. Contest ends Wednesday 4/3/13 at 11:59pm. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * … Continue reading

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Springtime Dessert Perfection: Crepes Paloma

It’s spring. It’s finally.  Officially.  Spring. Spring: the season of renewal and rebirth and clarity that follows a long mental and physical hibernation. It’s that time of year when the birds start singing and the trees are starting to bud … Continue reading

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Sorry, Charlie

Sometimes tuna just doesn’t cut it.  I mean, sure… it was great when your mom made you a tuna salad sandwich on white toast when you were home {faking being} sick and were cuddled up on the couch drinking tea … Continue reading

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Soda Bread Knows No Season

While walking through Shop Rite a few weeks back, I saw the buttermilk display in the milk case and thought, ‘OOOH!  It’s that time of year – I need to make soda bread!’ Apparently, I said this aloud and not … Continue reading

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I Love You, Honey!

Especially when you’re whipped with butter and splashed with vanilla. WHAT?!?!?! Where did you THINK I was going with that? Slathered on a delicious piece of toast, of course! Compound butters are no stranger to The FarmGirl.  This maple-orange butter was equally … Continue reading

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Inspiration Strikes: Zucchini and Goat Cheese Bruschetta is Born

I would imagine that seeing, touching, and smelling this garlic would inspire culinary greatness in most people.  I looked at the garlic sitting in my father’s work-worn hand and immediately thought garlic bread!  I’m not saying it hasn’t been… but in theory, … Continue reading

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