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Kitchen Cheat Sheet: Fresh Herbs

I remember way back in the olden days… around the turn of this century… when a farmer lived by the seasons.  We had planting season, summer, harvest time, and winter.  The winter seemed to last forever, probably because we weren’t … Continue reading

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Special Event! Painting Night Out at the Farm

What could be better than two crazy chicks, some paintbrushes and a buffet full of mocktails and munchies? Not much…. Won’t you join Jennifer and me for an evening of creative expression?  Let’s kick those Friday the 13th fears to … Continue reading

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Snapshots of the Farm April 2014

Today is April 25th. It’s a bright, sunny day with temperatures in the mid-50s and wind gusts up to around 10 mph.  Not bad, today.  The wind has been gusting to 40 mph the last three days, so this is a … Continue reading

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For the Love of Quinoa!

My son has a multitude of phrases that he will use rather than curse. I appreciate this, really, because at times I have the mouth of a truck driver and our relationship is such that I can say, “I know … Continue reading

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Creole Sugar ‘N’ Spice Pecans

Also known as… those damn pecans! Why?  Because you won’t. Be able. To stop. Eating them. I made a test batch to check on seasoning, then promptly ate nearly all of them before my event.  I had to get more … Continue reading

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Pi Day 2014: Raspberry Ricotta Pie

I tend to get an idea in my head and dive in – only later realizing that what I thought was a great thing is, in actuality, a shit-ton of work. Yesterday I woke up and went about my usual … Continue reading

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Wheat Berry Apple Salad: Hearty, fresh, and you always end up wanting more

I DVR’d Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern the other day.  Thomas and I sat down to watch it and I couldn’t remember for the life of me WHY I wanted him to see it.  He wasn’t too impressed with the … Continue reading

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Cabernet Chocolate Bundt Cake

Did you ever want to give someone a gift because they did something nice for you? Maybe 1) they helped you shovel ridiculous amounts of snow or 2) they watched your kid so you could have a girls night out when … Continue reading

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Pineapple Upside Down Cake, or The Way to a(n Old Fashioned) Man’s Heart

There are some weeks when I go shopping and all I throw in my cart is junk.  I grab lots of cheeses (soft, creamy brie is a favorite) and crackers (wheat crackers are good for me!), ice cream (It’s for … Continue reading

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Roasted Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Quesadilla

Thomas said he does NOT want to participate in the Geography Bee at school tomorrow.  They took a preliminary test and he got 30 out of 35 correct, however… he only knew ONE of those answers for sure.  The rest … Continue reading

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