Did you get an unfinished post in your inbox? My apologies! I was writing and drinking coffee and watching It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (original version TYVM) and I guess my itchy pinky hit PUBLISH by accident!

As soon as I recover from my embarrassment at this faux pas (and the movie’s over) I’ll finish the post and get it right out to ya….

Thanks for your understanding, and I’m so sorry!

But at least you can see my creative work in progress, right? LOL


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2 Responses to Ooops!

  1. Well, both the child and the cookies are gorgeous.I don’t know any kids his age that can decorate so well.

  2. Kasha says:

    Thanks, Judy! He’s so happy doing stuff with me in the kitchen. He just loves to learn new ‘techniques’ as he calls them. LOL

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