Coming Soon…. A Match Made in Heaven

Beautiful leeks sliced and ready for cooking.

… OR  The FarmGirl’s Kitchen. 

Leek Gratin was the recipe that I included in our CSA news with this week’s pick-up.  This rich yet simple side dish takes minutes to prepare (and hours to burn off on the treadmill), but will make everyone at the table happy.

Also in our CSA share this week?  Adirondack Blue potatoes.  They’re an ‘all-blue’ variety, meaning blue skin and blue flesh inside.  They taste like a Russet Baker, which many people know are absolutely fabulous when grown in our glorious muck soil. 

Blue ‘Twice-Baked’ Potatoes before second round


At Mom’s suggestion, I whipped up some ‘twice-baked’ or ‘stuffed potatoes that combined those awesome blue potatoes with a myriad of dairy products (butter, sour cream, half n half, parmesan) and sauteed leeks. 

I promise to post those recipes in a day or two.  I need to get ready for our Open House tomorrow and I’m all ‘baked out’.


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