Change in Plans

I had a lovely blog ready to go up yesterday, complete with recipe, photo and anecdotes…. and then there was a knock at the door. Not that I mind the company, but I got a little sidetracked and never saved my entry.

So, in an effort to get SOMETHING up here, I’ll leave you with a shot of a little bundle of joy.   Relax.  It’s not a baby picture, despite yesterday being Mother’s Day. 

Instead, it’s a little nosegay.  Sources claim that nosegays have existed since at least medieval times.  Small bundles of fragrant herbs or flowers were worn around the head or upper body to hide that fact that bathing wasn’t at the top of anyone’s to-do list.  The intention was to keep the nose gay, or happy.  How, or IF, they succeeded, I’m sure we’re glad we’ll never know.   

Nosegays, or posies, were also a way for Victorians to communicate without speaking,  using the language of flowers to get their point across.  For example, a white carnation symbolizes innocence or pure love.  Rosemary is a symbol of rememberance, a purple hyacinth says “I’m sorry”.  Lavender can mean love or devotion.

Here, freshly picked lavender from the greenhouse is bundled and wrapped with a nice sage green ribbon. It can be kept fresh in a bit of water or you can just as easily let it dry. The fragrance is enchanting either way.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Change in Plans

  1. Jay says:


    If you EVER go to Cape Cod in the summer, you should definitely visit Cape Cod Lavender Farm in Harwich.

    Right off the bat, the aroma in the air all about the place is intoxicating! There are lovely plantings on the grounds and the fields of lavender themselves are beautiful and abuzz with very happy bees and butterflies.

    Lavender is an important part of the “herbes de Provence” mixture. The lavender honey the bees make is fabulous. And, although I’ve never had an opportunity to try it, lavender ice cream is supposed to be equally fabulous.

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